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Today we will write about circuit training. What is the circuit training and why it may be a good solution for people who are engaged in cycling, find out below in our article. Note that for maximum performance, you should contact a professional trainer. Maybe someone already knows, but it does not hurt to start all methods for developing strength and power.

Beside the two already known gym methods, there are another 7 :
1 Method of maximum stress
2 The method of repeated stress
3 The method of dynamic stress
4 Plyometric methods
5 Method isometric (static) stresses
6 Method station
7 Circular methods

Since we need power for cycling and a bit of force (which by the way are two different things) then our training should be varied and should include training of all muscle groups in one workout. Of course, there are many variations in the selection and training methods, but the primary methods by some our opinion, should be circular method.

What exactly is the circular method and how do you actually perform Circuit Training?

Circular-training method is performed as follows: select 8-10 exercises for the whole body- full circle exercise is carried out in 2, 3 or even 4 laps, and this method-training aims, depending on the ways in which performed, to influence the improvement of physical fitness and development of the full body strength, not just specific muscle groups.

Many will compare this method with cross fit and functional training; method is similar but it has totally different training sessions (which will be described in another topic).

Example of circuit training for cyclists:

Warming up is something that I think we all knowit should be done before the start of any training.
After the warm up, you should choose 8-10 exercises for the whole body.
1 Thrust with flat bench , can and with hair and cons incline bench (exercises for the chest)
2 Deadlift or better still rowing (back exercise)
3 Thrust from brow-handed or barbell, or even better for bikers single lever or two-handed dumbbell bent extension (exercises for the triceps muscle of the upper arm)
4 Standing biceps with bar (exercise for the biceps)
5 Weight lifting
6 Squats with Barbell (exercises for legs)
7 Raising the fingers with a rod (exercise sheets)
8 Abs

Full circle should be repeated in two, three or four times (for people who are trained) This of course is one of the ways, and one of the many combinations of exercises. You can let your imagination run wild, of course you have to know how and what to do in order to achieve the desired results.

These exercises are very important for improvement of your figure. You will be able to ride a bicycle in a very easy way. You will avoid most of the pains, caused by bad posture. The most important group of muscles here are definitely abs and the stronger they are the better and easier ride is.

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How to learn a kid to ride bicycle?

How to learn a kid to ride bicycle?

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One of many missions of a parent is to learn his kid how to ride a bike. There are few possible ways to do that and most of the parents aren’t sure which one to use and in the same time to provide his child safe and enjoyable ride. Here are some basic tricks that will help you manage this matter more easily.

Choose a bike that has appropriate size and adjustable seat, so when the child sits on the bike he can touch the ground with his legs.

If the bike has additional wheel s, you should try removing them, so that the kid will feel the balance and he will adjust more easily to the bike.
Find the surfaces that have grass, and clear fields where there aren’t much objects, or people who will bother you. In that way if the child falls from the bike he won’t have some serious injuries and the grass will soften the impact.

It is important that you constantly talk to your child and that he gains the trust in you. Tell him that he must follow your instructions and that you will help him overcome the fear of the fall that he has. If it would help him to be more relaxed, buy him a helmet and something to protect his knees and arms. Appropriate clothes can provide certain protection from possible falls.

Help your child to get on bike and while you are holding him, explain to him that he must keep the balance in order to drive and that you will be entire time beside him. It a normal thing that he has unstable balance and that the bike will go from left to right during the first five or six cycles.
You have to explain to your child that he must follow the road and to look straight forward. His arms must be extended and his backs straight and you must require seriousness during the ride.

When the child learns all these things, he will probably try to fasten the ride, you will see that by his hands. Let him have his few moments and don’t tell him anything. When he finishes the ride tell him how good he was and then let him drive his bike on his own and you just follow him.

You should repeat these rides until your child gains all confidence and relaxes completely, you will know that the learn to drive when he doesn’t have troubles starting with the ride and during the ride and his fear of the fall will be non-existing.

The next logical step would be to learn your child how to safely ride bike on the street and how to follow all regulations. It is important that he learns the signs and signalization so that he can safely ride the bike. In that way you won’t have to worry constantly about his well-being and your child will feel more secure and he will have more confidence.

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Top accessory for bikes

Top accessory for bikes

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Cycling is one of the most widespread forms of recreation both in the world and in our country. With the arrival of warmer weather and more people, people use the bicycle every day as a way of transport for going to work. It is a healthy form of physical activity, but also gives joy while riding in country side for example. No matter what purpose you use your bike for,  you need to make sure that your bike is absolutely safe and equipped with the necessary accessories.

1stSafety Equipment

The first and main thing that we should start with when riding a bike is definitely your safety. The safety equipment on the bike we include primarily helmet and reflective light.

Head injuries are the most common type of injury in cycling, and most of them could be avoided if you had a helmet. In addition to protecting against serious head injuries, helmet can save your life in dangerous situations . Studies in Germany have shown that only one third of ten year old cyclists wear a helmet, while this number is even lower in Southern Europe.

Regardless of the discipline which it is intended, each bicycle helmet consists of three main components- plastic outer shell, the inner layer of easily breakable materials like plain polystyrene and strips for fastening and securing a helmet to the head. Helmets that are permitted in the European Union must be marked with DIN EN 1078, while the universal quality labels that are valid for years SNELL, ASTM / SEI, ANSI or CPSC. When choosing, it is important that your helmet sits well to cover most of the forehead; it’s lightweight and comfortable, with plenty of air vents and has a practical fastening system.

2nd Inner + pump + tool

Bike mechanics is quite simple and almost all problems that occur can be solved at the very same place. Most often we encounter with punctured tube… To be able to act quickly and effectively it is desirable that at any time we have a small multi-tool kit, a new inner tube and pump.

The multi-function tool for repairing bicycles usually have several parts of wrenches, flat and Phillips screwdriver, rounded top dull blades with which you can take out a tire bicycles, and some of the most useful tools for repairing a chain. All this now can be found at affordable prices and convenient packaging so it does not take up too much room, hence it does not affect your riding experience.

3rd Bottles with water

I believe it is not possible to stress enough that the fluids are absolutely crucial when driving a bike. The effects of dehydration on the body may be terrible, so don’t go anywhere without water.

The liquid is necessary to be added at regular intervals and at least half a liter every hour, and the faster we drive-amount increases. In addition to standard carriers and bottle cage, backpacks with bellows are increasingly being used, which are very handy if you are going for a long-hours trips.

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Six best bicycle tracks on the world

Six best bicycle tracks on the world

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If you are a sincere fan of cycling and you enjoy driving this two-wheeler, then your regular tracks can seem a little bit boring. The truth is that not many people dare to ride through inaccessible roads, but it would certainly be much better to relax and indulge on routes that are specialized for that purpose. We present to you the most beautiful cycling routes around the world … These tracks are made for people who enjoy nature, landscape and other people they come across.

1.National Highway 1, Vietnam

This road connects two major cities in Vietnam, the capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. On the long journey of 1100KM you’ll probably spend two or three weeks, depending on how much you are quick, powerful, or how many times you have stopped to enjoy the untouched nature, or view of the sea!

2.Great Divide Route US and Canada

This road connects two major cities in Vietnam, the capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. On the long journey of 1100KM you’ll probably spend two or three weeks, depending on how much you are quick, powerful, or how many times you have stopped to enjoy the untouched nature, or view of the sea!

3. Munda Biddi, Australia

Entire route is 1,000 kilometers long and carries the name of Aboriginal term that means “path through the woods.” The entire trail is covered with a path of eucalyptus woods and all that in the heart of the hot desert. Do not be surprised if you are followed by the exotic animals like koalas.

4. Shimanami, Japan

Although this cycle path is considerably shorter than the others from our list, its length is only 60 kilometers. The paths includes more than 60 islets in the Sea of Japan, in that way you will spent your time going through a fairly comfortable ride from island to island …

5. From Land’s End to John O’Groats, England and Scotland

This classic cycling route goes from the westernmost point of the island in the far north and stretches along through the whole of the British Islands, it is long 1600 kilometers. You will have the opportunity to pass the very old rocks and to visit a number of hills and green pastures of the landscape that will leave you speechless.

6. Route des GrandesAlpes, France

6. Route des GrandesAlpes, France If you want to be part of the caravan similar to the famous Tour de France, then we suggest you start with the 684-kilometer-long bicycle trail, which runs through the “heart” of the French Alps, to the enchanting Mediterranean landscape.

If you ever have the possibility to ride one of these tour, know that you will have unimaginable experience, the land, nature and fresh air will enchant you. Only brave ones will dare to accomplish this challenge, but even if you don’t manage to ride whole tour, at least enjoy small part of the journey, because we are sure that you will never forget it and you will carry these memories through your whole life.

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How to dress for winter cycling?

How to dress for winter cycling?

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This is by far the most common question that winter bikers can hear wherever they occur. The thing that a lot people don’t know is that with pedaling makes a body to produce a large amount of heat. Like the heaters built under the coat. The main problem with riding a bike in winter is the wind. The body protection from the wind often needs less clothing (especially for temperatures around zero) than for regular walking, or standing (waiting for the bus, for example).

Unpleasant driving conditions

When it’s extreme heat in the forests it can be uncomfortable on the bike. Also, when it is cold outside and raining at the same time –can usually be bad. In all other circumstances, with appropriate clothes, driving can’t hurt anything and anybody it can be a pleasant and enjoyable activity. For driving in extreme heat,it is very important to drink plenty of fluids and protect the body from direct sunlight, especially the head. More about that in another article, where will be explained a winter cycling.Tips on how to dress for the rain and low temperatures, snow.


Summer rain is not a problem. You quickly get wet, but also warm fast and dry. The problem is the cold autumn and winter rains.

A good solution for short rides without much wind is a raincoat, poncho. Bicycle poncho for rain that is covering the hands, knees, and head. Disadvantages of this raincoat is that the strong wind can make a problem, as well as when driving longer than a few kilometers – since it is not breathable and cyclists become wet due to sweating, if not from the rain. For journeys up to 4-5 kilometers, with fenders and good shoes, this is a good solution – when there is no strong wind.

The alternative is clothing that dries quickly, along with changing rooms. Because the body is quite hot when pedaling, the ride over 5 km is enough to dress up a wind-water-proof jacket, or even a vest – because the jacket will produce a lot of heat.
There are many combinations in between, depending on the volume of rainfall, for drivers that don’t like cold weather.
The biggest problem is raining when it comes to cycling.So every driver needs to determine his unique style of clothing that suits best for him. Otherwise, going unprepared can cause a lot of problems. Here are few rules if happens that you need to cycle when it’s raining:

Golden rules of cycling in the rain:
• The fenders on your bike
• Nice jacket (or poncho)
• Good Shoes
• Avoid ponds because underneath the pond might be hiding holes in the asphalt 

In some kind of cases rain cycling can be fun and romantic, especially during the summer, or if you are in a good company. And rain during the summer days can be very refreshing and comfortable. You can really enjoy in it if you dress properly.

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7 Reasons Why Everyone Has To Have (At Least) One Bicycle

7 Reasons Why Everyone Has To Have (At Least) One Bicycle

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There are numerous reasons why you should own your own bicycle. Bicycles are not only an amazing form of transportation, but they will also change your overall lifestyle in a good way. If you’re still wondering whether or not you should get yourself a bicycle, make sure that you read the following list of seven most important reasons why everyone should have a bicycle.

1. You Can Park It Anywhere

Finding a parking lot, parking your car, paying for the parking and rethinking whether you have parked it correctly, as well as trying to remember where you parked, are just some of the difficulties that are connected with owning a car. However, if you choose to ride a bicycle you can avoid the majority of these issues.

2. You Will Lose Weight

Not only that owning a bicycle and riding it regularly will be the most inexpensive way of transportation, but it will also benefit your overall health and you will even manage to lose weight. In addition to that, physical activity is precious to anyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle, and rarely leaves the house or the office.

3. Become A Part Of Solution!

People have managed to make serious damage to our planet Earth. So much so, that the pollution of it has brought very important things in question, such as the survival of all living beings.

Even though one person cannot change all this, if you choose to ride a bicycle instead of a car you will become part of the solution, rather than in part of the problem

4. You Will Feel Happier!

In addition to all that, once you have in mind how good riding a bicycle is for your health and for the environment; it can become very difficult to stop smiling. In other words, riding a bicycle on a regular basis will make you feel more content with life, at peace with yourself and it will make you feel happier.

5. You Can Repair It Quickly Yourself

What I value most about bicycles, is the fact that you can easily repaired them yourself without asking for help from a professional. Of course, there are certain hings that need and require for a professional to look at it and repaired, but for the most part you can do these things yourself. Not only that it is great feeling this sort of independence, but it’s also very practical and useful. In addition to that, it can also become a sort of a hobby. You can also find a cheap fixed gear bike accessories.

6. It’s Rather Cheap!

You will still have to spend more money to get a decent car, then you would spend on a decent bicycle. In addition to that, when you take into consideration that you do not need any fuel and that you can repair it yourself, it becomes rather clear that owning a bicycle also saves you money.

7. You Don’t Have To Give Lifts

Had I wanted to become a taxi driver, I would do just so, instead of giving numerous lifts to friends and colleagues. However, when I’m on my bike, no one asks me to give them a lift, and this is rather liberating.

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